Blue Nature

In addition to products with Aloe Vera, nutrition supplements and cosmetics, there is our great innovation in the field of perfumes, the “Bluebox”, that is a part of our product range. The “Bluebox” stands for custom made fragrances, flacons as well as packages, which, as per your wish, can even wear your own name or brand name.

Apas Vital

Those responsible at “Apas Vital” can call upon an enormous know-how and upon some of the most sophisticated technology available. Via our most sophisticated membrane filtering method all undesirable pollutants are extracted from the water. The development of the systems has been made under observance of the strictest safety standards for electro-domestics. All our products have been tested and certified by the appropriate authorities for each country.

 Animal Deluxe

High-quality food in the best quality for dogs, cats and horses. Appropriate nutrition is the focus of “Animal Deluxe”. Both wet and dry food are part of our products range. Pet food is an industry that made billions in worldwide sales. The Products launch date will be the 01.09.2010.


The company has specialized in food supplements in liquid form. Besides liqua spirulina health and ultimate acai products, the berry from the amazon region, the power drink benefitial is completing the range. “NatuRe-Vita” is also working jointly with “UNESCO” on the project of education for children in need. The product launch date will be the 01.07.2010.

Coffee Club

The motto of the “Coffee Club” is: “Our coffee products means sensual enjoyment of the highest quality.” Besides the classic varieties, e.g. decaffeinated coffee and mild coffee, even specialties such as acai coffee, soy coffee and tunguska coffee are available. Further our customers can become proud owners of our designer coffee maker in black or white.

Pierre Lang

Pierre Lang stands for quality fashion jewelry in the same quality as genuine jewelery. With operations in 12 countries and 5 million annually produced jewelry and annual sales in the amount of about ?125 million in 2009, Pierre Lang has become one of the most important European manufacturers of jewelery .

Pierre Lang Couture

Pierre Lang Couture, the company that in addition to it’s exclusive designer jewelry, also has an exclusive range of accessories. E.g. jigh quality rhodium-plated and gold plated jewelry, 80% handmade and 100% nickel-free. Furthermore, a range of accessories that was designed by top-designers exclusively for “Pierre Lang Couture”.


Everything about the topic of jeans. A sophisticated and streamlined product range, excellent fit, proven models and styles, smart details and proven quality features distinguish our product range. And last but not least, all products at a fantastic price. As straightforward as the product range is the business model of “tex4net”.

Institut Prof. Wirth

Individual dietary supplements and a holistic diet and nutrition concept are the core fields of activities of the institute. The competence team consists of: “Prof. Dr. Alfred Wirth, Prof. Dr. Michael Hamm, MD, Werner Voss and Prof. Dr. Jean Krutmann”.


Dream Scout is an the Internet platform where wishes become true. Whether a flight into space or a job as a janitor in the Caribbean. Everything is possible. As well there are top-brand products made available week after week at fantastic prices.

Agnes De Paris

Agnes de Paris or AP perfumes . This company is specialized in qualitative perfumes with 20% perfume oil and also in cosmetic products with the same scent. Agnes de Paris offers 25 fragrances for women and 15 for men.


Vie at Home

Vie At Home offers high-quality products for women by women. England’s largest direct selling party plan for make-up, face care, body care and aromatherapy.