After taking a break of several years for creative reflection, I have realized that our market – the direct sales and network market – has not kept pace with the rapidity of global developments. Quite simply, we have allowed the Internet, social transformations, and the discovery of individuality, self-expression and self-actualization to pass us by. It’s time for a new beginning. I’m returning, and I’m returning with an innovation that will bring our market back to its former strength. Direct marketing will no longer lag behind, it will set the pace. Trade and commerce will have difficulty keeping up with us over the next years. Our firm’s distribution partners will be able to meet with our customers in their living rooms again, and tell them with pride, “Yes, you’ll only get this from us.” I am now returning with a new concept and many innovations to secure a new world for our sector and to regenerate the market.

Greater selection, more individuality, more bonuses.

We can begin to dream again, and these dreams can become reality. My Network World Alliance will help you turn your dreams into concrete goals that anyone can achieve. Strong teams will aim for and achieve financial rewards, travel, cars, yachts and houses in every price category. You can make other people successful, and enjoy the fruits of your own success. The Network World Alliance, or NWA, will provide you with the tools and the opportunities. Just take advantage and pitch in. We provide an alliance of strength and self-confidence. Our firms will deliver top-quality, innovative products of all kinds to their customers. A growing alliance of established and new distribution and production partners will reach the pinnacle of global success. Free enterprise is no longer simply an empty promise. A new era of entrepreneurship is dawning. Help us make history. Let NWA be your future partner. With our selection of ideas and products, you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Take advantage of our new diversity and the new choices we provide. I wish you great fun and success with NWA.

Helmut Spikker