The NWA (Network World Alliance) is a new European business group, created by multimillionaire HELMUT SPIKKER WITH GLOBAL PERSPECTIVE.
The successful businessman is the former co-founder of LR International (then 25 years old and already the main shareholder), with double-digit growth for 20 consecutive years, and after making the LR THE number one MLM in Europe, sold his shares to investors Apax Partners and renamed LR International to  LR HEALTH and BEAUTY SYSTEMS.
Then, in the creation of the NWA, the Helmut Spikker marketing company bought PIERRE LANG (jewelry revenue cycle 125,000,000 euros) and RE-VITA (number one food in the U.S. and Asia). Also bought 10 other companies and expand the activities of building a new 30,000 sq. meters building in Allen of Germany (160,000 sq. meters space expandable). INVESTMENT 20.000.000 euros. Company founded on May 1, 2010 in Germany by Helmut Spikker (Founder of LR-International). The decision to implement the NWA in the industrial zone of Ahlen in Westphalia – Germany, was chosen for being the birthplace of its founder and is therefore something very important to Helmut Spikker.

Moreover, the HELMUT SPIKKER is the sole owner of a patent for a machine manufacturing of perfumes, which will significantly reduce production costs, compared to the overall competition.
There are the credentials of the German Institutes for the products of NWA and the U.S. certifications for the products of RE-VITA and other products manufactured by the NWA.
The NWA is more than one Network Marketing company.
The NWA is an international group and each of these specialized in a specific area of the market. The NWA associates enjoy more freedom of choice and movement because of the potential cooperation on a global level, which ensures greater success and independence.

You decide everything in this business: the time invested to, the choice of partners, if you only want to use the products, just sell or create a work-group. You decide your gains.